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MinnBank PAC is your opportunity to support those 

who support our industry

What is MinnBank PAC?

MinnBank PAC is the registered political action committee of Minnesota bankers. The committee, governed by bankers from around the state, represents the collective mutual interests of thousands of Minnesota bankers.

MinnBank PAC supports pro-banking candidates throughout Minnesota by pooling individual banker contributions in order to maximize their overall impact in the political process. Under state and federal law, financial institutions and other corporations cannot contribute directly to political campaigns. MinnBank PAC is registered with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board and the Federal Elections Commission.

Why should bankers contribute?

As bankers, we all have a stake in the future viability and competitiveness of our industry. Like it or not, that future is largely determined by the Minnesota Legislature and US Congress. That’s why bankers need to help support and defend banking’s positions against a growing list of competing interests. By far the best way to do that is to contribute to the MinnBank PAC.


How do I get involved?

You can support MinnBank PAC by following the simple steps on the Contribution page. In addition to your financial support, you can also volunteer to be a contact banker for a specific candidate. All contributions are voluntary. Corporate contributions are prohibited. Contributions to MinnBank PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes. 


How will my money be used?

MinnBank PAC funds are used to educate and encourage sound, responsible state and federal legislation and to enhance conditions for a healthy banking industry by supporting candidates from both parties who understand the important role banking playing in maintaining a strong Minnesota economy.


Who selects candidates to receive funds?

We welcome your interest, input and suggestions. We encourage all MinnBank PAC members to make recommendations for candidate support to the MinnBank PAC Board of Directors. Candidates are then selected by the Board of Directors with priority given to those individuals who support sound and responsible laws that encourage a better banking environment. 

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Politics is not a spectator sport. Grassroots lobbying and support are vital to both your professional future and the future of the banking industry. Only when we work together can we make a significant, positive difference.